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If you're looking for even more scares in Colorado, we've compiled a list of the most haunted places across the state.

Check them out, if you dare... 

Alma, CO

Alma, CO: The Schwartz Hotel: People have reported seeing strange lights and experiencing an eerie feeling as they walk by this hotel. Legend states that a father and son had a dispute during the 1800’s and shot each other. They are now believed to haunt the place. They even frightened one lady so horribly that she hanged herself from the upper balcony. Witnesses have claimed to see her in the upstairs hallway.










Aurora, CO: Fitzimons used to be an old military base, now it is a hospital. There are still the old buildings there, if you drive in there go towards the back, many spooky buildings, even in the day. If you are brave you will park your car and walk around the old army buildings, they are all abandoned. One in particular is a white 4-story building, if you go up the stairs outside and pear down the window on the door, it is reported that you can see and feel many war victims trying to get out the door.

Overland High School Theatre: It is said that two years after the school was opened, a senior invited his little sister to watch a musical from the catwalks. There was a couch balanced across two catwalks, and to this day, it’s a big dare to go sit on them. He left his little sister on the couch and specifically told her NOT to get down without him. Halfway through the performance, the little girl had to go to the bathroom, or got scared and decided to climb down. She slipped in between the catwalks and fell sixty feet and died on the stage. If you turn off all the theatre lights and sit on that couch, you can hear her crying for her mommy, and the sound of little footsteps on the metal.

UPDATE FROM A READER: Being an Alumnus of Overland and having gone to school with everyone that was in the class that your story tells about, I am at a loss at how this was kept secret for so many years. I find it even more interesting that a “senior” was involved two years after the school was constructed. I find it so interesting because there were no seniors yet. You see, each year a new class was admitted to Overland, and two years after the school was constructed, there were only freshmen and sophomores. 

Smoky Hill 7-11: It is said that this 7-11 was built on an old Indian Reservation. Between midnight and 3 am, strange occurrences start to happen. Things randomly flying off the shelves when no one is near them, glowing red eyes in the back in the cooler, footsteps when no one is in the store, and when you leave you can hear voices of the natives saying “Thank you, please come back and see us,” and Indian music playing. The voices and the music are very faint.

Third Bridge #2: Travel east on Smokey Hill Rd and take a left at the stop sign when the road becomes one lane each way. Drive all the way up and down over the hills on the dirt road until you come to the third bridge. Local High School students have died there in and car accident. Drums can be heard in the distance and if people visiting the bridge are loud and obnoxious, the drums get louder and closer as though whomever playing them wants you to hear. It is said that an Indian massacre took place there in which settlers killed the men in battle and then returned and killed the woman and children of the tribe. Some have reported fog rolling in from both directions and have seen a man floating on a horse and other strange things.

Aspen, CO: Hotel Jerome: Originally there was a swimming pool located in the middle of the hotel. A child drowned in that pool. The hotel built a new addition over the pool. Room 310 is over the former pool. People have seen a wet little boy standing in room 310.

Bailey County, CO: Platte Canyon High School: Faculty member hung himself and was found by students. Students and faculty have reported hearing strange footsteps, lights and sounds

Bennett, CO: Train Bridge over the Kiowa Creek: Many years ago a massive train accident happened around the bridge, crossing over the Kiowa creek. Many of the passengers passed away on board. To this day it’s said on some nights you will be able to see or hear a ghost train passing by.

Berthoud, CO: South of Carter Lake: A man is seen in the vicinity of Bennet Road during daylight walking through the hills carrying a canvas bag that is thrown over his shoulder. “Mr. Bennet,” the original settler of the area was shot and killed on Bennet Road as the result of a land dispute. The apparition disappears as he walks along.

Blackhawk, CO: Casino: There is a certain casino in Blackhawk that is haunted (not that hauntings are unusual in that area) by at least one ghost. Cold spats are common, as well as occasional power outages. The story among employees goes that once the security guards were watching the cameras upstairs, as usual, when they spotted a small girl holding a balloon. They radioed other security guards, alerting them that a minor was in the building (which is illegal), and the guards searched for her. One was even seen on the video to be right next to the girl, but he couldn’t see her. She could be seen on the camera, but not “in person”. Eventually the girl disappeared.

Guilpin Hotel Casino: A woman is sometimes seen in the second floor restaurant people say she is Lucile; she killed herself after finding out her boyfriend was killed in a mine accident

Rocky Mt 100ft Cemetery: Known for a lady ghost who, for the past 100 years, 2 times every year visits the same grave site and leaves flowers. Over the years people have gathered to watch her and try to talk with her but she always disappears over a hill.

Boulder, CO: Boulder High School – Theatre: While seated in the house after a late rehearsal back in the late 1980’s, a witness heard loud footsteps on stage and rumbling and crashing above in the catwalks in the proscenium arch. Others have said they would get a feeling of dread in the tunnel, which connected the dressing rooms under stage to the school lobby. There is a labyrinth of tunnels rumored to be between the high school and the University of Colorado up the street; this was one of them evidently.

Cockerell Hall: Third floor ghost with dark brown hair and a long white nightgown. Often seen by the attic door and in the bathroom.
UPDATE: From a former Resident Advisor at the University of Colorado during the years 2004-2006 (two academic years). First of all, the haunting as reported on your site is supposedly on the 3rd floor of Cockerell. This is easily confused as it is the top floor of a three story building yet the numbering is and has always been G, 1st, and 2nd. G being Ground. Your report is correct that it is the top floor, however it is mislabeled as the 3rd instead of the 2nd. My information, as a resident of a neighboring building and a staff member for Cockerell does confirm your description of the ghost/spirit as a young woman with dark hair in a long white gown. Descriptions I have heard from residents tell of this young girl in a white “nighty” or sleeping gown. I also want to confirm the location of this woman’s haunting to be near the door that reaches the attic of Cockerell hall. *(Note the only change is from 3rd floor to 2nd floor)* To add to your information, I would like to recall the stories I was told and my own personal experience from living and working in “the Quad” which is the group of buildings containing Cockerell Hall. My first year as an RA in the Quad the 2nd Floor of Cockerell was an all girls floor. Early spring semester (February of 2005) the Resident Advisor from the floor came to me with a concern over a haunting on her floor. I, personally am a immense skeptic about the paranormal but am also curious because of my own experiences therefore told her I would help her keep her residents calm about the increasing sightings of a ghost woman. At the floor meeting both myself and the current RA explained that there was no evidence of a haunting and no abnormal (i.e murders or deaths) were recorded in Cockerell Hall. This calmed the residents down significantly until ink writing began to appear in unexpected places in the next few weeks. My explanation, though not proven, is simply a prank or attempt to scare the girls on the floor by a fellow student. Nevertheless, rumors are persistent that the female ghost was behind the markings. One recurrent writing were the words “Release Me” written in the same black ink mentioned above. This ink was personally found by myself written on the back of a poster but not on the wall at move out in May 2005. Albeit, this is most probably another hoax, the poster, which had been placed on the wall at the beginning of the year and not removed until the end had been written on in black ink as seen “eM esaeleR” (Mirror imaged words, not backwards letters) as if written through the poster. This would still not concern me except for the fact that it was written in backwards cursive. (Hard to fake in my opinion). Another account of this ghost sighting that I have witnessed while working in the Quad was the mysterious light in the attic. As your site has mentioned the ghost is seen near the door that leads to the attic. Until the door was replaced in 2005, this door did not have a key for some time. I know this only because I contacted the head of maintenance, my hall director of the time Bill Moulton, and asking the housekeep for the building about the key. All of these people had no idea there where the key was an noted it had been missing for at least a year (possibly more in one account). I also furthered my search for a key by trying to unlock the door using the Hall’s “master key” which opens all maintenance, resident, and other rooms. Maintenance, my Hall Director, and myself do not know of a key until the door was replaced. I mention this because on our on duty rounds of the buildings myself and other Resident Advisors would frequently find the light in the attic of Cockerell to be on and or flickering. Other times, the light would be off. This is another unexplained account, that in my opinion my just be a coincidence. Finally, it is important to note that last academic year (August 2005 – May 2006), the 2nd floor of Cockerell was converted from an all girls floor to an all men’s floor. This, maybe by coincidence, silenced the activity of the supposed ghost on the 2nd floor of Cockerell. We had one account of a sighting in the early part of the year (September 2005) but did not receive any unusual complaints past that date.

College Inn: The College Inn is a building circa 1970, which is currently used as a conference center/hotel, though in recent years it has also served as a dormitory. Haunted by at least one entity of unknown origin. The building director of eight years knows of no death in the building during his time here. The activity centers on the third floor, particularly the south side of the building. Phenomena range from rummaging sounds coming from bathrooms, elevator doors opening and closing when people walk by, smoke-like apparitions, reddish stains appearing on walls and voices that have been heard by nearly every staff member. There is a globe style lamp in the hallway that leads to the bathroom in every unit of the hotel. One night in July of 1999 every single one fell to the floor while the hotel was between conferences and vacant, it took two days to put them back up.

Fairview High School – Auditorium: In 1982, a senior hung himself in one of the dressing rooms. Since then, students have reported hearing singing from the dark areas offstage, stage lights flickering and flats falling completely over, even though they were completely nailed down to the floor.

Howe Mortuary: In the basement where the old records are kept, there is a very cold spot as you enter. There is a very uneasy feeling that makes you have goose bumps. The extra storage area in the basement also has cold spots. On the ground floor there have been many sightings of people just standing in the lobby where there was no viewing scheduled. At night several times a month, the motion detectors and security alarms go off for no apparent reason. They say that the main spirit is Mr. Howe the original owner but several spirits are also said to haunt the basement.

Macky Auditorium: In the early 1960’s a young woman was raped and murdered by the janitor while practicing opera alone in a room. Allegedly her ghost roams the hallways of the Auditorium and sometimes late at night you can hear an organ coming from the building even though nobody is there. Numerous local media document this. So no one hears opera late at night. However, bloodstains remain on the floor, which is now a professor’s office.

University of Colorado – Macky Auditorium: There is reputedly a brown-clad man who haunts one of the building’s towers. He seems to be harmless, but there is a bit of local legend connecting him with some documented murders in the building.

Broomfield, CO: Children’s World: A young lady that worked at this daycare not to long ago says that it was after 11pm and she was finishing paper work so she could go home. When she went out to the parking lot, there was a man standing in the playground walking towards her. She loaded her car and every time she turned around, the man was closer to her. She got into her car and locked the doors and when she turned around, the man was gone, and nowhere to be found. It is also said that if you are in the building by yourself late at night, you will hear whispers and strange noises.

Canon City, CO: Prison Museum: The prison museum used to be one of the first museums in Canon City in the cleaning room where the female convinces used to do laundry there are many cold spots and the smell of tobacco in some stops of the laundry room and then in cell number 19 you can see orbs in photographs taken after the female who used to be there died as well as you can hear the coughing and smell the sent of original cell member of cell number 19.

St. Cloud Hotel: Guests of the hotel have reported seeing strange figures, never unsettling, just a bit surprising. complaints of a young child playing with her ball in the halls of the hotel and disappearing potpourri. the St. Cloud Ghosts enjoy playing games, hiding things from the housekeepers and turning off lights and televisions. stacking furniture and startling guests and employees, the St. Cloud Hotel is both charming and spooky.

Woodpecker Hill (cemetery): Cold spots, many orbs, shadowy figures in the day lighted figures in the night (this was mostly used for the convicts who died of the death penalty or when they died in jail/prison all of which never got headstones just a marker saying there cell number) all of the convicts are on the west corner and then they started adding children and teenagers at the turn of the century. also you can hear small children laughing in the distance.

Castle Rock, CO: Castle Pines Golf Course: In the first cottage along the #1 fairway, the bottom floor has had unexplainable happenings. During times that staff has been in cleaning the cottage, showers have turned on, soaking the maids, a smell of rotten eggs normally follows. Towels, glasses, sheets, have all been moved while they are in there. Lights burn out frequently. No guests have reported anything, but the staff is well aware of the happenings.

South Elementary: In the woods behind the school there is a bridge that you can stand on leading into the hills. If you stay on that bridge long enough and stay very quiet you will hear children’s faint giggling. As well as men’s voices heard. It is known that the men took the children up to the hills and for some reason, they all burned to death.

Central City, CO: Masonic Cemetery: A woman in black appears at dusk every November first and April fifth to put flowers on the grave of John Edward Cameron. It is said that this spirit lady was a mistress of Johns.

UPDATE: I read your blurb on the Masonic Cemetery in Central City. The female ghost that appears at John Cameron’s grave was not a mistress but his fiancee. He was a volunteer firefighter in Central City and she was taboo to him by the town folk because she was from the other side of the “Hill”. He was involved on a “call” with the volunteer fire dept (which is what they all were) and told her to leave the area so she wasn’t hurt. He perished in the fire and months later she couldn’t handle the separation. Word is that she jumped from a cliff to be with him and comes to visit his grave twice a year. Once on the anniversary of meeting and again on date they were to be “together”. I have actually gone up their on their “day” they were to be together at night. The events that unfolded actually scared myself & my friend. We went to the cemetery on the date and were told that if there were any skeptics there she would not appear. It was so cold and we hung out as long as we could stand it. People were there with there tripods and fancy equipment. My best friend & I were so cold by the that we decided to leave as there was no activity. We headed back down into town (I was raised in Colorado my whole life and the know the area) when we found ourselves on a completely different road that the one we knew we took up. We were taking the road back down and ended up going through this very tiny little town that we did not encounter on the way up. Approx. 1/2 mile out of this town the inside of the truck lit up like someone had a spot light. I slowed and we both saw “HER” standing alongside the road staring in at us. She was in a flowing white gown with a glow around her holding a bouquet and coming nearer the vehicle. Scared the bejeebers out of us!! I know that this sounds far fetched however, I promise that this is the God given truth. I have been up there numerous time since, can’t find the little town and think about what was said at the cemetery (any skeptics, no show). From: Fran McDonald – A life long Colorado Resident

Main Street Bar: On the floor, there is a lovely painting of a woman. It was painted by a miner when his wife died. He went into the bar and drank, while he painted the portrait on the floor. He painted all night and died the next day. People claim you can hear them talking to each other.

Colorado Springs, CO: Adam’s Mark on Cascade (formerly The Antler’s Hotel): At least 3 ghosts to speak of, One hangs out after hours in the bar Judge Baldwins. The other is a woman in a long gown seen coming down a back flight of stairs. The third is a suicide on prom night in the 70’s of a young girl in one of the rooms.

Arby’s: Around 1996 to 1997 a manager was shot in the Arby’s parking lot by one of her own employees. Several things happen here, for instance whispering in the lobby, things moving from where you had put them to somewhere else in the store. so far the things have only happened when the person is alone. People have seen a lady walk from the front of the kitchen all the way out the back door. Sometimes when the opener is alone in the morning they may here their name being called by a man. When You close the store and put the chairs up the same 12 chairs every night will be found the next morning or later that night down again when NO ONE was anywhere near them. many other things happen there it is a very scary place.

British Home Shop: There are several spirits just hanging out at the British Home Shop with daily activity. One of the spirits has fun by locking you in the woman’s restroom. Several investigations have produced positive videos, orb and ecto pictures and evp’s. The owners of the shop will talk to you about the spirits just ask them.

Broadmoor Hotel: There was once a fire in this hotel. Guests have claimed to hear the ghosts of the fire victims.

Chapel Hills – K-Mart: There have been reports of displays being knocked over and strange noises back in the Garden Shop. Employees who have had to open the Garden Shop early in the mornings have reported cold spots and the feeling of someone brushing against them as they’ve gone through the aisles. The occurrences have been attributed to a former manager there by the name of Carl who passed away in 1998.

Cheyenne Canyon – Helen Hunt Falls: The falls now bear her name. Her grave is up a little higher in the mountains in a place called Gold Camp Road. On the average of 5 people die around the Gold Camp area each year. If you drive through the tunnels there, something freaky ALWAYS happens. Handprints on the car, voices in the tunnels, etc.

Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind: Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind was built in 1874. CSDB is very old school. Sometimes is, deaf people saw some ghosts in the dorm, gym, and basement (the most scary place). Hearing people do hear strange noises from ghosts does. Deaf people saw ghosts’ movement the things but they can’t see the body.

Community Prep High School was Garfield Elementary: About 40 years ago two 3rd graders committed suicide, in one of the rooms down stairs you can still feel the coldness of the two elementary students presence. Also from students who go there now say they see and hear the voices of the two children. One student said that when they were down in the room they felt something pulling their hair while sitting down in the classroom. Until this day you can still smell what the dead bodies smell like.

Coronado High School: When the school first opened in the seventies, the pool was open to the public. Reportedly, a lifeguard invited his girlfriend and her little sister to do some swimming after hours. While the couple was making out in what is now the girl’s coaches office, the little girl drowned in the pool. Early mornings in the pool, a little girl in a bathing suit can be seen sitting in the far corner of the pool area. Strange cold spots or things rubbing against swimmers have also been reported.

Days Inn – Airport: There is an older gentleman that haunts room 207 at the Days Inn-Airport. There have been reports of cold spots, curtains opening and closing and “thumping” when no other guests are present. Hotel staff knows about him and the housekeepers don’t like to clean that room without at least two others nearby.

Devonshire Square Apartments: The apartment is pretty old. At least four people in the building have seen an apparition in the sauna (in the weight room), and all four times it has been described as disappearing once the person entered the room. The light is in the room, so you have to actually enter to turn it on, and beforehand you could easily mistake a ghost inside as being another person. Knocking in the 300 series have been heard.

Harrison High School Auditorium: It is said that the ghost of a young thespian named Malcom haunts this Auditorium. You can hear his footsteps on the stage and catwalk. If you venture up to the catwalk area you may see a glowing light coming from no light source. Once a young woman slipped on the catwalk and nearly fell to what could have been her death when she felt someone grab a hold of her, pulling her back to safety. When she caught her breath and looked for her hero, she found no one, but felt something brush her cheek as if being kissed.

Cascade Blvd. – Hearthstone Inn: Reports of seeing a little girl run thru the houses laughing. Cold spots in the houses that would give you goose bumps and things flying of hooks on the walls and shelves. No reports of ever felt threatened but claims of witnesses’ heart stopping on several occasions.

Lee Family Home: This home, located near the Black Forest area, has been on “Sightings” and has had several paranormal investigators visit. There are over 20 spirits that haunt the house and the grounds. Apparently it is a spiritual portal lying on the crossing of two major lay lines, according to a Hopi Shaman.

Liberty High School Auditorium: During the building of the Catwalk, a man fell and landed on the seats, breaking his back. He suffered a long death. During shows he will occasionally turn off/on one or two lights. If you sit on the stage in the dark you will head footsteps on the catwalk then the sound of something falling.

Nightclub: In the 1950’s, a previous owner shot her husband and than hanged herself in the basement. Almost all employees have heard whispering or seen her ghost. None of them will go down to the basement alone.

Palmer High School: In the sixties or seventies, a student hung herself in the first floor restroom after being denied a role in a production of Macbeth on its opening night in the school auditorium. Poltergeist-like activities occur when someone in the school auditorium says ‘Macbeth’ just prior to the premier of a play or performance. Take heed: such occurrences can be disastrous, leading to the termination of the production due to damages done on stage. This is often accompanied by the sound of the empty seats in the balcony being opened and closed. During an assembly in the spring of 1998, a noose was seen hung above those seats.

Pioneer’s Museum: It is supposedly haunted by a manager who was shot dead by an employee over a pay dispute in 1959 (not sure about the year). The security guards who have to patrol the museum at night try to avoid the guy’s former apartment because they feel very uneasy there.

Rock Ledge Ranch: This was once a hospital for Tuberculosis patients in the 1800s. Lights turn on by themselves, footsteps can be heard in the upper levels. The antique rocking chair in the basement moves by itself.

Rockrimmon – McDonalds: Currently during business hours employees had reported hearing children scream as if they are being killed, along with children playing around the fryers. It is said at night during closing hours an Indian chief has been known to shut off lights, push people and move things. Along with things opening closing and starting by themselves.

Wendy’s: A few days after it opened, one of the workers was closing up and he went to empty the trash and found the body of a dead girl about the age of 16 in a ballerina costume. Late at night you can hear her calling the name “Tommy” and the sound of soft music.

The Underground: This bar is next door to a building that once housed a mortuary. Reportedly, during major epidemics and the like, bodies were stored in the basement of what is now The Underground, in the back bar area known as ‘The Pit’. Several employees have reported things being thrown about and broken in a locked storage area when nobody is down there. Numerous pictures taken there have shown orbs of varying sizes and degrees of brightness. There are also reports of a female ghost that haunts the elevator and hallways in the upper stories of the building, which house offices.

Dead Mans Canyon: Ten miles south of Colorado Springs, William Harkins was murdered by religious fanatics. His ghost is said to have an ax though his head. He likes to scare and chase people.

Gold Camp Road: The road was a railroad from Colorado Springs to Cripple Creek. People claim the tunnels are Haunted and when you drive through the tunnels odd things may happen: voices in the tunnels, handprints on your car, etc..

St. Francis Hospital: Home of two or more ghosts. The records room was once the tuberculosis ward. An employee was reported to have been locked in the closet.

Craig, CO: Craig middle school/old high school: In 1948 a man fell to his death out of the art room and on to the stage. In the art room the door swings open even when there is no draft.

Cripple Creek, CO: Dunn Building: This was once a funeral parlor until Mr. Dunn died. Mrs. Dunn turned it into a boarding house hosting eleven rental rooms. It is said that you can hear Mrs. Dunn’s footsteps scurrying around the rooms as if she was cleaning and preparing the rooms.

Fairley Bros and Lampman Building: This building is the home of a ghost woman in her twenties called Maggie. Maggie is seen and felt in the top two floors of the building.

Mamie R Mine: 1895 the mine shut down. Several ghosts haunt the mine. It was said that the mine was haunted by mischievous spirits, one carrying his arm on his shoulder, another liked to ride the buckets.

Imperial Hotel & Casino: Workers report it is guaranteed to see or hear something that wasn’t of this world. Some people say they have seen a man falling down the stairs, or a young lady walking by during a mellow drama wearing clothing from the 1800’s.

Palace Hotel: This hotel is haunted by its original owner, Mrs. Kitty Chambers. Mrs. Chambers died in 1908 in room 3. Witness have spotted her everywhere in the hotel. It is said that Mrs. Chambers likes to keep candles lit and that one may find that she has turned down beds and stolen keys.

Denver, CO: Bombay Club: Reports of cowboy ghosts.

Brown Palace Hotel: Coughing and babies crying sounds are frequently heard.

Buckhorn Exchange: Buckhorn Exchange was a former trading post. Haunted by “traders”. People have heard voices and footsteps. They have seen tables move.

Denver Courthouse: Many apparitions are seen here.

Cheeseman Park: Cheeseman park was the cemetery for Denver and there are graves left in the park. There are more than just graves. During that time period the care of graves was terrible. If someone did not have a grave they may have been thrown in another with someone else or just left lying until a mass burial grave was dug. Also if someone were buried in a grave that belonged to someone else they would just take the person in there out and leave them. If you go around the time the grass should turn green you can see the graves. This is because the grass over the graves turns green first. Also you can see sunken spots from the graves.

Denver Children’s Home: In the late 1880s, Denver Children’s Home located on Albion Street and Colfax Avenue in Denver, Colorado provided lodgings to orphaned children. A fire in 1888 (then known as the Denver Orphan’s Home) killed several children in the attic/third floor. Today, DCH is still providing youth services, counseling, and housing to youth. Apparitions of children playing and ethereal voices of crying and whimpering are regular phenomena. Also, an apparition of a female in a wedding gown is regularly seen floating down the third floor steps and across the 50 ft. length of the second floor hallway. The FIFTH exorcism occurred in 1999, but still certain paranormal oddities remain.

Red Rocks Amphitheater: Apparitions of an old man was standing on the “restricted” side of the railings. He looks to be an old miner. He was about 5’5, white, beard, dirty brownish hat with a bottle in his hand. He appears for just a few seconds then disappears.

Denver International Airport: Several problems were encountered while building the airport. This is reportedly due to the fact that the airport was built on top of sacred Native American ground. Some employees and visitors have reported hearing or seeing strange things.

Denver Public Library: According to some employees, there is a ghost in the basement of the library who shoves people hard when they are walking through. According to one employee, a security guard quit because they were frightened so badly while patrolling the basement at night. Now the security guards patrol it in groups of two


Dora Moore K-8: Many have seen a ghost at Dora Moore K-8 school. She is most often seen walking along the large wooden staircase that connects the first and second floors, but some have seen her in the third floor auditorium. She’s seen at night or during days when it’s so dark outside you could mistake it for night. She wears a longish dress (ankle length, but doesn’t touch the floor) and her hair is twisted into a bun. She walks quietly, not making any noise at all.

George Washington High School: The ghost of an old heavy bald man is seen on the football field. He will show up in the middle of the day and then just disappear into thin air. Some say he is the ghost of an old football coach.

Josephina’s Restaurant: Haunted by a female regular whose daughter from the prohibition era (the restaurant used to be a speak-easy) earlier in the century. The mirror in the women’s bathroom has broken one-too-many times to be a coincidence as well as other freaky things (i.e. Whiskey bottles turning over by themselves, chair scooting from one end of the dining room to the other, etc.)

Molly Brown House: The infamous house of Margaret Brown is haunted, although by who has not yet been determined. An investigator found cold spots throughout the house, the scent of pipe tobacco when no one was smoking, & doors that had “a mind of their own”. Apparitions also seen. The house is now a tourist attraction.

Monk Monastery on hill: Reports of an apparition of a monk walking on the road.

Lumber Baron Inn: In the 1970’s this house was converted into apartments. A young run away girl, 17 years old, lived in one apartment. She was raped and murdered one night. A friend of hers stumbled upon the murder and was also killed. The house is now a bed and breakfast. There have been several haunting incidences, including a sighting of a girl in a flapper dress. Footsteps have been heard and seen on the squeaky steps.

State Capitol Buildings: Many security guards see a woman in a long dress. She is seen there often, and in four or five nearby buildings. People report sounds of voices, footsteps, and doors…. Cold spots too.

Tivoli Student Union: Houses the student union for the Auraria Campus combining Community College of Denver, Metropolitan State College and University of Colorado at Denver. Built in 1866 as the original Tivoli Brewery. Large brewing equipment still remains. Converted to student union in 1994. Ever since, voices are often heard through vents on the third floor as though an elegant party is going on, whispers in the bathrooms.

Tramway building: The building has been renovated, and some of the construction crew has seen and heard strange things. One crew heard voices in an office. When they went to inspect the voices in the office they opened the door and there was nobody there. Also, there is a ghost of a mechanic who used to work on rail cars in the basement. Legend is that he died in a tragic accident. He is seen walking down corridors carrying a huge tool and then disappearing.

University of Denver – Mary Reed Building: It was the Dupont Room, named for a long-gone alumni who left money for the Reed Library. The room was all fixed up, with high-backed leather chairs, glass bookcases, etc. People say the ghost of Mrs. Dupont liked to sit in “her” room and read, and the janitor claimed to have seen her more than once.

University of Denver Lamont School of Music: Dunklee Hall was located at the intersection of Montview and Quebec (it is moving to the main campus where the also haunted Mary Reed building is located). Legend has it that a student killed herself on the second floor of the dormitory, Dunklee Hall. That floor was used as practice rooms for the music students. There was one particular room (out the elevator, to the right, last door on the right), Is usually standing open. Upon leaving it quietly closes behind you.

VFW Post # 1 (9th & Bannock) – Many employees of the bar at the VFW Post #1 have reported seeing ghostly shapes in the hallway and hearing a loud rapping noise in the furnace room (these are assumed to be the spirits of dead soldiers attached to the artifacts in the VFW’s Museum, dating back to the Spanish/American War to current). The most frightening of these occurrences happened after the bar closed one night in 2003. The bar manager (my husband)was alone in the building, cleaning the bar area. He turned on the TV to a hard-rock music channel to help keep him motivated and awake. The TV channel suddenly turned to a non-music channel. The bar manager, not yet frightened, turned the channel back to the music channel. Again, the channel changed to a non-music channel. The bar manager, says out loud “I can get out of here much faster if you let me listen to my music channel”. The channel changed back to the music channel and stayed there.

Durango, CO: Strater Hotel: According to the owner of the Strater Hotel he has had many people leave the hotel in “the middle of the night” when they have encountered spirits in the hallway. Maids have also reported seeing people enter unoccupied rooms and upon entering to assist the customer, the maids find the room empty.

Empire, CO: The Pratt Hotel: This Bed and Breakfast was built in the late 19th century and is haunted by the first owner’s daughter, Millie Pratt, who fell down the very steep front stairway. She only seems to appear to women. Her room is the one by the top of the stairs. She whispers “mother!” in women’s’ ears at night and several have seen her fall down the stairs or lying at the bottom of the staircase.

Edgewater, CO: Jefferson High School: A few of the goth students were known to practice there witch craft at down stairs in the girls locker room. One day they were all found decapitated with their heads puzzled on different bodies. At the end of the day you can hear them screaming for the gym teacher’s help!

Englewood, CO: Cherry Creek High School – The Old School House: It was reported that sometime in the 1930’s a little girl was beaten to death by her teacher inside that school house. Students often hear screams coming from the inside of the schoolhouse and once in a while see a girl walking on the greenbelt and then suddenly disappearing. School supplies come up missing quite often.

Englewood High School Auditorium: Cold spots – believed to be haunted by drama teacher who died in the mid 70’s.

Formerly the Forney Transportation museum: Reports of glowing eyes with a great feeling to leave, at least the basement.

St. Mary’s Academy: The students have seen strange lights in the theater and have felt un-naturally cold in the tunnels.

Estes Park, CO: Baldpate Inn: Gordon and Ethel Mace built this charming lodge in 1917, and it stayed in their family until 1986 when the family lost ownership of it. Not to deter Ethel, however, who has haunted her old room for years. She especially likes to sit in a wing-backed rocker before a fireplace in what is now a storage room, her feet up, reading the Bible. Gordon hates smoking. Few guests are able to keep a cigarette lit for long – something smashes it out or steals the pack! Ethel must be somewhat of a prohibitionist, because mixed drinks seem to spill and fly off tables fairly often.

The Stanley Hotel: This huge, eerie hotel built in the early 1900’s was a resort for famous celebrities and such. This hotel inspired Stephen King to write “The Shining.” Past employees have mentioned hearing footsteps and seeing various apparitions. A ghost has been spotted in room 407 in the window and most other guests complain about hauntings in Room 217 and 401.

Stanley Hotel – Room 407 : Believed to be haunted by Lord Dunraven. He was, of course, run out of town after trying to swindle folks out of their land and money. He mostly stands in the corner of the room near the bathroom door. Witnesses report he turned a light in the opposite corner on and off several times. When it was off, they just told him that they knew he was there and that they would only be staying for two nights and would he please turn the light back on. He did. During their attempted sleeping hours the elevator was constantly making noise. No one was using the elevator! at 2 in the morning.

Evergreen, CO: Brook Forest Inn: A beautiful mountain Inn with numerous ghost stories. Haunted on the top floor by two ghosts: Jessica, a chambermaid murdered by her lover, a stable hand, and the stable hand who committed suicide after killing her. Cold presences are felt going the stairs to the third floor, according to the staff. The Second floor is said to have been the location that “Carl” murdered his wife after finding out she had an affair with another man. (The AFSPR and RMPRS investigated and found numerous magnetic anomalies in the suggested room for the past homicide.) The third floor is said to hold the spirit of a mischievous little boy who died from the flu or some other type of illness. It is said he can be heard running up and down the hallway late at night. The AFSPR (American Foundation for Scientific Paranormal Research) will present a full report on this investigation sometime in August.

Brook Forest Inn – Surrounding Forest: Believed to be haunted by the Indians that lived their Hundreds of years ago.

Hiwan Homestead Museum: Reports of being called in “the Spinning Room” & a grayish/white, full sized apparition dressed in a floor length nightgown. In a locked, unused room above the study Reports of footsteps and a sound that was almost like a rocking chair coming from above. Strange anomalies have showed up on film as well.

Fairplay, CO: Hand Hotel: A Grandma spirit and a dog spirit live here.

Fairplay Hotel: A spirit named Julia who loves the harvest dance held here. She comes back late October to dance. People have heard music, dancing and floors squeaking.

Florence, CO: Florence Hotel: There was a man who took a baby and covered the baby in cement in the basement of the hotel along with a woman. People have seen the lady walking down to the basement and also in the bathrooms, bedrooms and the old dining room. At night some people can hear the baby crying, if you ever go there (ask to sleep in the pink room.)

Fort Carson, CO: Bldg #1047: On the third floor a soldier went crazy and killed three other soldiers, the soldiers that live on that floor say that, you can still hear what sounds like crying, some say that if you go to room 313 you feel cold spots, beds will shake, stuff will fall, and you can even make out what looks like a man just looking at you in the dark

The old Ft. Carson hospital/mental clinic: The old hospital and other surrounding buildings in this area were built around 1941, after the attack on Pearl Harbor. In the 40’s there were a lot of German and Italian POW’s located on Ft. Carson. There is also an intricate system of tunnels linking the buildings together, one of the post’s Military Police investigated an open door one night and deep into one of the tunnels he found an old setup of children’s toys, a small chair, a small kids table and a few other things. There were also witnessed by three Military Policeman words painted inside an area under the building with no visible way to get inside and paint them there. The words didn’t make any sense, and when they attempted to look for them on a later date they were gone, as if they’d never been there. They weren’t painted over because the surface wasn’t painted, and they weren’t sandblasted off either. On some nights especially when the weather gets colder, many strange noises are heard there. Movement is heard through the building, like furniture is being shoved around, repetitive banging noise, and sometimes faces are seen peering through the barred windows. an elder American Indian woman says the site was directly on the old trail of tears. She said that, there is a large low-lying field where no structure will stand; several attempts at building there have been unsuccessful.

Fort Collins, CO: Centennial High School 330 East Laurel Street: It is rumored that Centennial High School is haunted by a young girl who fell to her death on the large wooden staircase running down the center of the building. People have reported hearing strange noises, and feeling cold spots, along with the sense that they are being watched. It is also rumored that there has been numerous seances conducted on the premises. This spirit is not considered to be harmful or depressing in any way.

Ammons Hall, CSU: Haunted. Back in the day there was a swimming pool. A little girl drowned in the pool. Reports of paranormal activity. Reports of a lady using the microwave, walking up stairs and disappearing.

Downtown: In 1862, Mr. Coy started a farm/home stead which his land covered present day Old Town. The Coy’s had ten children which only six survived. The four babies were buried on the property. Five generations of family live on this farm. Mr. Coy died in 1912 and his wife in 1920. The barn has been preserved. It is located in its original location in the Link N Green Golf Course.

Hell: It’s an abandoned goat farm. Many sightings have occurred there. The ghosts may vary from a floating white blob to a shadow figure of a man. Many say that they hear bells jingling as they approach the site.

The Hell Tree: Back in the early 1900’s a farmer would hang his farm hands from this tree. One afternoon they rebelled against him. Later that evening his wife found him hanging from this tree. Sometimes on a late night when the moon is silhouetting the tree you can see the farmer and his farmhands hanging in this tree.

Helmshire Inn: On the third floor a worker claims ghosts would undo their work after rooms had been tidied lot of times the curtains would be open again, one time a bed had been “unmade” and toilets would flush when nobody was on the floor with me. Also, the basement, in certain areas, seems to have a presence, it may not be the same one from the third floor. You should give Fort Collins another glance since this area was an intense battleground. Look back in some of the old newspapers. Especially areas near and around Legacy Park and Martinez Park.

Holiday Inn Holidome: Haunted by many ghosts. There is a man ghost on the top floor of the northwest wing. There is a woman who will keep watch over the swimming pool and a little girl who haunts a room. She likes the air conditioner and hide things from guests.

Linden Hotel, Downtown: Haunted. The third floor has been spiritually cleansed. Or has it?

Mary’s Mountain Cookies and Mr. Money on Walnut Street: These buildings were once a jail. There have been reports of tunnels underneath them that transported prisoners.

Nature’s Own, Downtown in the Linden Hotel: The old stair case is haunted. Reports of paranormal activity.

Old Antler Hotel on Linden Street: Haunted by a little girl who fell to her death from the third floor window.

Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity house on Remington: Haunted by a former Delta Delta Delta sorority sister who hung herself in the basement. There have been reports of smelling lilac, floors creek, water faucets turn on and off.

Walnut Street, The city lights by the Armadillo: In 1888, James Howe stabbed and killed his wife. It is said that the lights went out that night and still go out today. The house that he killed his wife in has been moved to Myrtle Street. It was located at 1942 Walnut Street. The new owners of the home have experienced paranormal activity.

Fort Morgan, CO: Baker’s School: The school has been rebuilt at least three times, and it burns down every time. The last time it burnt down was in ’96, and once again it was rebuilt. You can see lights going on and off at night when no one is there, and you can hear children playing.

Nature Trails at Riverside Park: Trails run for more than a mile from Riverside Park, to the Ponds, with swamp like land and thick woods. The trail runs all along the South Plate River, and the whole way to the Ponds, you can hear and sense spirits. Some people have become possessed, or followed by spirits. Rumors have called her the River Witch, a woman in the 1900’s who practiced the dark arts, and was treated very badly by all of Fort Morgan’s residents, so one night she was sick of it and walked into the river, killing herself. Most of the spirits revolve around her. You can feel the bad energy out there, and you hear them, and can see glowing eyes in the trees.

Georgetown, CO: The whole town is haunted. Georgetown is the home of the Full Circle Cafe that was featured on Sightings once, this cafe is no longer in business.

Glenwood Springs, CO: The Hotel Colorado: The hotel was used as a local hospital during WWII. Many died there. There have been ghost sightings.

Golden, CO: Hatchet Lady Bridge: The body of Adolph Coors’ son was found decapitated under this bridge. It is said that when crossing the bridge in a car, it will sputter.

Heritage Square: This shopping center is haunted by ghosts. Stories claim that a young man had a forbidden love with an Indian woman and when he chased after her, he was murdered. People say they have heard girls galloping, and a male voice crying for them to wait.

Highway 93: A man who was stuck by train walks the road near Van Bibber Creek.

Granby, CO: Stage Coach Country Inn: The bed and breakfast reports paranormal activity. People are attacked, things move, and you can hear heavy footsteps.

Grand Junction, CO: Railroad tracks between Grand Junction and Gunnison host the cursed locomotive 107. The ghost train is spotted and heard running this course. The train first run derailed killing passengers and crew. After it was rebuilt, the train was struck by a boulder, killing even more people. The last time the train was rebuilt and ran, an avalanche in the Black Canyon claimed more victims. In 1909 the train was scrapped.

Horse Thief Canyon: Horse Thief Canyon is located west of Grand Junction and connected to the Colorado National Monument. In the 19th century, horse thieves would bring their latest herd of horses here and hide them for a while. One night the sheriff surrounded the area and shat the thieves along with some of the horses. The spirit that haunts this place seems to be unrelated to the canyon’s history. On certain nights a woman in a white dress has been spotted walking from canyon wall to canyon wall. Her background is unknown, but others have claimed to see her walking the banks of the Colorado River.

The Elks Club: Reports of 3 to 4 different shadows have been reported to have been seen in the building by members and employees. One shadow is said to have been a woman who died of unnatural causes in the building. Employees have reported trashcans that were left on the tables after mopping were thrown across the room, doors closing on their own, and voices have been heard.

Grand Lake, CO: Grand Lake: Way back in the day, the Ute Indians were suddenly attacked by the Cheyenne. Fearing for their women and children, the Ute braves loaded them on rafts and shoved the rafts into the lake for safety. As the battle with the Cheyenne raged among the trees and along the lake shore, a fearful storm came up, blowing the rafts far out onto the 400 ft. deep lake. The rafts overturned and all the women and children drowned. Legend says that if you go out to the lake on a stormy night after a balmy day, you can see a ghostly mist rise above the lake and drift across the waters. You can even hear the cries of the ones who died there.

Greeley, CO: The Ramkota Hotel: The ghost of “Rosey” lives here. She tends to play tricks on hotel guests and employees. The hotel was built over the ruins of The Chief Theatre. Rosey was thrown off the theater balcony by her boyfriend.

University of Northern Colorado: Edith, a dorm mother, is a ghost on the third floor of an all girl dorm. Edith’s schools girls were mean to her. They played pranks and such that she committed suicide. Girls sometimes hear her come in. she changes channels on the television, move furniture and turn on the lights.

University of Northern Colorado Wilson Hall: On the third floor of Wilson hall where Edith committed suicide. There are stories about the kids throwing marbles at her. That is why the vents make so much noise, because the marbles are rolling around. Residents report hearing doors opening and shutting and footsteps moving around in the attic.

Turner Hall: Haunted by ghosts. One is a student who threw himself out of the window of the 11th floor.

Hamilton, CO: The Highway Northwest of the town: Reports of a strange mist on the road at the site where a young man lost his life when he fell asleep and wrapped his car around the front wheel of a tractor trailer rig.

The Town: The little town of Hamilton near Craig, in Northwestern Colorado has a benevolent spirit of a mountain man or trapper from a century ago. Sightings of him are wearing buckskins and smoking a pipe. He suddenly disappears and only the smell of the pipe remains. Witnesses will catch a glimpse out of the corner of their eye. When they turn to look there is nothing there, also the strong scent of a pipe or cigar.

Highlands Ranch, CO: Daniels Park: Old 19th century armory on the south face of the hill, below and to the left of the park facilities, a ghost named “Kether” dwells. She was sacrificed on this spot as punishment for disobedience of her coven whose beliefs were loosely based on worship of the Egyptian god “set”. Often, on a hot summer day, the concrete and stone bunker goes suddenly cold and the spot where her blood spilled becomes damp to the touch. An apparition has also been seen on the hill nearby.

Highlands Ranch High School Auditorium: After leaving things locked up in the booth over night they will be moved the next day, or the item is not in the booth at all. Cold spots, the hair on the back of your neck and arms stand up, & footsteps in the catwalk when no one is up there.

Highlands Ranch Mansion: There is a mansion on S. Ranch Road that was built in the 1890’s. The owner of the ranch and his family lived there. There was a single daughter who was forced to stay in the house all day, every day to clean and cook while the other men were out in the fields. She’s still alive, she’s 97. It’s the impression of her sadness that haunts the mansion. A great example of a residual haunting that happens even though the person is not dead.

Northridge Elementary: You can see the monkey bar handles moving when there is no wind and you can hear people sliding on the slides when no one is there the cafeteria lights flicker on and off (sometimes) and you can hear children laughing on the “lower yellow playground”

Ranch View Middle School: Laughter, crying, and talking can be heard in the halls of the school. In the bathroom behind the stage, you can hear laughing, and crying in the bathroom stalls. The lights flicker, and the hand-dryers and the water turn on by themselves. The elevator lights flicker and stalls, and then stops. Then it will stop up again. the light and sound control panel’s switches it’s setting when closed. In the stairs by the gym, you can hear laughing and balls from the playground equipment bin fall out.

ThunderRidge High school: Laughing and footsteps in the halls can be heard when alone and shadows walking in the halls in the corner of there eye. Hear teachers talking when there are none in the halls at that time. There are also strange occurrences in the “F” wing where you feel people following you and when you look no one is there. You can also feel things fly by you head and there is nothing to be seen. The last thing is the “Gym” hall seem to have a person walking on the tile and there is no one to be seen.

Kiowa County, CO: Sand Creek: The site of the Sand Creek Massacre of November 29, 1864 where 200 women and children Native Americans were brutally massacred. Reports of Native women, children, are seen wandering the Creek banks and bed.

La Veta, CO: Fort Francisco Museum Hall Mansion: The west wing of this old fort is haunted by two ghosts, the Candle Lady ghost and the Floating Lady ghost. There is cold spot in the kitchen. Staff have seen orbs and experienced flickering lights

Lakewood, CO: Union Square 6 Mann Theatre: In 1997 the theatre was haunted by an old man with a bad temper. Employees where teased and tormented, many quit. Even customers noticed him wondering around. Management had to bring a specialist.

Lamar, CO: The Old Chapel: A man killed a nun, preacher, and raped another. The nun became pregnant and hanged herself on the top floor. Reports claim they have heard the nun crying and moaning.

Lafayette, CO: Andevine Middle School: There is a teacher in the school and it is said that she murdered a child. One night a student went in the classroom after detention and there was a little boy with blond hair and red eye sitting there writing on a peace of paper. now if you go there late at night you will see the little boy sitting there writing on a peace of paper.

Leadville, CO: Alps Motel: Drastic temperate changes, feeling of dread or something wanting to cause you harm.

Evergreen Cemetery: Blue lights shoot through the treetops, and a woman in white flies over the tombstones.

Littleton, CO: Columbine High school: Apparitions are said to appear but not confirmed. Pictures produce orbs.

Littleton Cemetery: Alfred Packer, the alleged cannibal is buried here. While he seems to rest in peace, Angelica, a goat that was supposed to serve as a medium for him, supposedly haunts the graveyard. If you aren’t impressed with a medium-goat, go for Alfie’s grave and the other lovely old graves. Since it is a Cemetery, It’s probably open to the public, but locked at night. The Littleton Cemetery is actually just up the road from the melting pot- two trips for one!

Melting Pot Restaurant (formerly the town’s library): Employees have reported seeing various apparitions and objects moving by themselves. Anyone who is a native of Littleton has probably heard of this. This restaurant is in downtown Littleton at Santa Fe Drive and Bowles Ave.

Longmont, CO: Vance Brand Civic Auditorium: The identity of the specter is known as “Edison,” as there are many strange things that happen to the electrical system. Supposedly, the ghost is of a janitor, which was killed when the balcony collapsed on him while the place was being built. Students here have reported cold spots, lights turning on and off and strange noises occurring. One student even spotted a strange figure in the back of the balcony watching them. A witness reports seeing a giant dog, which chased him and a fellow technician into a storage room, where the dog disappeared, as well as foot steps on the catwalks during a show, and have heard someone screaming from within the auditorium and neighboring hallways, when no one was in the auditorium & cold spots. The chairs in the auditorium have also been known to move as if someone is sitting down or getting up from them.

Louisville, CO: Pasquinis: The Pizzeria is in historic downtown Louisville, used to be Colacci’s. The basement was at one time during the turn of century and prohibition a bootlegging tunnel and gambling hall. A poker dispute caused a shooting of a man, and his “girl” who tried to stop it. The tunnels now blocked are said to be the entryway into the basement, which runs the length of the building. Employees for years have said the presence of the innocent girl who died prematurely is felt with quick changing temperatures and light bulbs disappearing.

Laurette, CO: Buckskin Cemetery: The bones of a man named J. Hidgepath were said never to stay buried there. This man had come to Fairplay seeking fortune and a wife. J. Hidgepaths mangled body was found at the bottom of Mount Boss, never having the chance to complete his goal. The legend says that his bones would appear around town in different maiden’s beds. The town kept throwing them out but they would always return, in someone’s bed.

Manitou Springs, CO: Bath and Spa house: Indians were pushed out of there lands and were cut off from there sacred spring. The Indians put a curse on the land. The building was made over the spring and then as soon as it opened it caught on fire killing many people. They tried to open again and flooded, also killing many. Every time they try to open it something horrible happens and many die. It is fenced off but you can see in the windows. You can see the people walk by. And you can see lights flickering.

Marmont Castle: Is or was haunted by a little boy and his stepfather. The nuns and/or monks may be there still. The castle is and can be found in the local Colorado Springs phone book.

Mushroom Monday: At the shop downtown, called Mushroom Monday, that is still open today, there is a spirit of an old man. Multiple people, both employees and customers have seen him. He stands near a small fountain, but appears to be standing on a surface below the shop’s floor, as he comes out of the ground at the knees. He only appears briefly then is gone, and those who have seen him say he is benevolent. The store is very close to the Bath House, so it is possible that the two are somehow connected. You can even ask the owner of the store about him, she can tell you more.

Marmount Castle, CO: The Cliff House – Manitou Springs: A noble couple from Europe came to the valley and met an untimely and gruesome deaths (she cheated on him and he murdered her and committed suicide.) The place is haunted. Voices (mumbled) and some have seen a white, translucent blur floating through walls. Steps being heard.

Mead, CO: Mead Grave Yard: When going to this place u will see that there are graves dating back to the 1800 and people have reported seeing mobs and people lynching black men and many other things

Mesa Verde, CO: Balcony House: This area is an ancient ruin of the Anasazi Indians. Several ghosts walking among the ruins. Very little is known about this specific ruin. Just standing inside the ruins one can feel the spirits.

Cliff Palace: The spirits of the ancient Anasazi walk in and around the ceremonial pit houses (kivas).

Morrison, CO: Everywhere you go there is some sad tragic story. The town had a hanging tree which was used quite frequently.

Cliff House: Built in 1873 by George P Morrison who died there in 1895. It was then turned into a hotel called the Cliff House. Miss Edith Withers, a victim of the Terrible Red Hill Disaster of June 1902 was brought to the cliff house and died immediately in the sitting room. Another young lady, on her way home from the bar slipped on the icy back walkway, bumped her head and froze to death.

Bear Creek Avenue: In 1936, Fillmore Durham, railroad station master was killed on this avenue. He was 84.

Niwot, CO: Niwot High School: Haunted by a child that was in the basement and was killed by the janitor.

Ouray, CO: Beaumont Hotel: On a woman’s wedding night she was brutally murdered by her new husband. So now she walks on every quarter of the moon at 2:15 a.m. all over the house in search of her husband. and on the anniversary of her death you can see her being killed, but you can’t ever see her husband just her, like she is dying by herself. her husband stabs her twice in the chest and once in the leg. he then drug her down the service flight of stairs, where he proceeded to drag through the hallway and then hung her in a door frame, so don’t ever go on the third floor by yourself.

Penrose, CO: Old Glendale Station: This two story stage stop was built in 1861. A woman in a white wedding dress haunts the front porch of the ruined stone building. She is the ghost of Kathleen Cooper, who still waits for her husband-to-be. The gold miner she waits for was killed in a holdup on his way to the wedding. She most commonly appears to people on horseback but occasionally is seen by people on foot.

Pierce, CO: Highland Elementary: Reports of hearing a baby cry and doors slamming.

Pierce Elementary: Sounds of footsteps following you, but when you turn around there is no one there, doors opening and closing on their own, then sometimes you’ll hear a baby crying and see different shadows.

Pueblo, CO: Arkansas River: Many people have died along the old trails beside the river. Many Indian burial sites have also been unearthed along the river. When walking on the Pueblo Nature trail one feels uneasy, as if you are being followed and watched.

Pioneer Cemetery: The pioneer cemetery is located in pueblo co. there are very noticeable cold spots and temperature changes. the pioneer cemetery has graves from the 1800’s and there are some new ones too. it is attached to an old Jewish cemetery as well. intense feeling of dread, bad odors, and visible black mist.

Rendezvous Restaurant: Witnesses have reported seeing a small child running about on the balcony and then jumping off suddenly. It is believed that it is the spirit of a little boy fell from the balcony to his death. Also felt the spirit of a woman.

Rosemount Museum: The museum was home to the prominent Pueblo family, the Thatcher’s, during the 1800’s. There are noises and movements all over the property as well as a real Egyptian Mummy in one of the top stories. Under their house there are extensive tunnels not open to the public.

Pueblo County, CO: Battle site of Cuerno Verde: This is where a Spanish army fought and defeated a band of Comanche Indians. The Comanche chief, Cuerno Verde, was killed at this site as well as many Spaniards and Comanche. At the historic marker of the site whispers can be heard in Spanish and Comanche as well as a strange presence can be felt.

Santa Cruz, CO: Adolph’s Restaurant: Workers see ghosts in the restaurant.

Silver Cliff, CO: Silver Cliff Cemetery: Well documented Ghost lights. The ghosts light of this old cemetery is well known in the region. The town has gone as far to shutting off all the lights in the town because critics stated that the ghost light is reflections of the streetlights. The town turned off all the lights and still the light danced around the tombstones. The lights were first noticed by a group of weary partygoers coming back by wagon from the town of Rosita. They were questionable witness to say the least. But, after their report other people began to notice lights in the graveyard. Thinking it was some local kids having fun, the local men decided to hide at night and catch the vandals. Well hidden, they waited past dark, and then the lights came. The men jumped out from their hiding place and saw the lights with no one around. They went home rather spooked. The lights are still seen today.

Sterling, CO: Summit Springs Battlefield: Battle between US Calvary and Cheyenne dog soldiers. The Cheyenne had abducted a frontier woman in Wyoming. with the Calvary not far behind ,they finally met at Summit Springs. The woman was killed and her grave overlooks the battlefield, many Calvary and Warriors died here. The Dog Soldier leader killing his own prized war pony, by cutting the horses throat in full view of the Calvary, so as not to let it fall into their hands. It is a very remote location, with whispers in the grass, hoof beats at night, and a visible mist that moves across the prairie and returns back to where it came from, the marker of the frontier woman’s grave.

Old Logan County Hospital: The old hospital is now shut down and owned by Centennial Mental Health. A little boy, Sterling, died there and haunts the place. Electricity was cut off but inside you can still turn on the lights and all the clocks have the same time on them that doesn’t change even when they are plugged in. Telephone dial tones can be herd when you pick up the phone to but no calls can be made. The little boy supposedly tugs on your shirt to get your attention.

Ramada inn: It is known that if you enter room 104, that you can see a woman in a night gown with what looks to be a blood stain on the front where she was supposedly shot walks around the room cleaning.

Thornton, CO: Brittany Hill: If you go up to the Brittany Hill Restaurant after closing walk up to the old mansion doors and you can see the ghost of a man holding his wife in his arms. The owner of the mansion was caught cheating on his wife and she jumped out the tower window when he saw her dead he hung him self in the tower now they both stand up in the tower window together.

Riverdale Road: Riverdale Rd is a very long strip of dirt road that is very dark. It is said that it was all farmland in the 1700-1800’s. This is a location of slavery abuse, witchcraft and hangings. There is a small turn off road at about 132nd where the cornfields are high and the oil mills are silent. When you park your car on this gravel road and turn the car off and roll your windows down, you can hear the pace of someone running down this road and passing your car. You can also feel a presence there that makes you want to hide. If you listen carefully you can also hear the sound of screams and a faint heart beat that slowly gets louder and louder until you feel the need to cover your ears. You can only take so much of this before you have to turn the car on and take off! Don’t ever go alone. Also, when driving down Riverdale road, there has been sightings of a women dressed in white waiting at the side of the road, if you pull up to her it is said that she walks to your car but disappears before getting in.

Walsenburg, CO: Catholic School: Half of the building was burned, and at one time the school was run by nuns. When you’re by yourself you can hear the baby cry. And in the 50s a girl died in the car accident, on the way to school, she still walks back and forth, up and down the hall.

Westminster, CO: City Hall: At 12 midnight you can see a lady with two little girls looking over to Sheridan St. they say it’s because a man killed them and then buried them under the tower.

Pillar of Fire: Is haunted by the victims of a murder that happened years ago, the hauntings consist of faces being seen in the tower windows ghost mist around in the cemetery.

Wheat Ridge, CO: Ridge Mental Institution: The institution was for kids 18 years old and younger. It was Closed in the 70’s. Although recently tore down, the place was a pinnacle for paranormal activity. Voices of kids playing could be heard, a well as a little girl crying in one of the rooms. Apparitions also appear in the form of black masses that are very unfriendly. All of the buildings exhibit these traits, especially the boiler room where the room grows cold and a stench begins to fill it. Many people have also reported a feeling of being watched, as well as someone unseen whispering incoherently into their ear. Poltergeist activity was also noted, mainly the hiding of flashlights and things appearing in different places than they were before. Pictures revealed hundreds of orbs and plasma streaks.

Woodland Park, CO: Saylor Park Forest: Cadets from the Air Force Academy participating in Survival training have reported feeling presences, seeing glowing figures among the trees. Night vision goggles reveal pulsing lights near various scattered granite monoliths between 1am-3am.

Aspen, CO
Aurora, CO
Bailey County, CO
Bennett, CO
Berthoud, CO
Blackhawk, CO
Boulder, CO
Broomfield, CO
Canon City, CO
Castle Rock, CO
Central City, CO
Colorado Springs, CO
Craig, CO
Cripple Creek, CO
Denver, CO
Durango, CO
Empire, CO
Englewood, CO
Estes Park, CO
Evergreen, CO
Fairplay, CO
Florence, CO
Fort Carson, CO
Fort Collins, CO
Fort Morgan, CO
Georgetown, CO
Glenwood Springs, CO
Golden, CO
Granby, CO
Grand Junction, CO
Grand Lake, CO
Greeley, CO
Hamilton, CO
Highlands Ranch, CO
Kiowa County, CO
La Veta, CO
Lakewood, CO
Lamar, CO
Lafayette, CO
Leadville, CO
Littleton, CO
Longmont, CO
Louisville, CO
Laurette, CO
Manitou Springs, CO
Marmount Castle, CO
Mead, CO
Mesa Verde, CO
Morrison, CO
Niwot, CO
Ouray, CO
Penrose, CO
Pierce, CO
Pueblo, CO
Pueblo County, CO
Santa Cruz, CO
Silver Cliff, CO
Sterling, CO
Thornton, CO
Walsenburg, CO
Westminster, CO
Wheat Ridge, CO
Woodland Park, CO
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